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Wednesday, August 18, 2010.
I haven't blogged for so long. I didn't realise how much I missed doing it. I actually enjoyed blogging because it is an avenue for me to reflect, recollect and reminisce. I always enjoyed reading and writing. I still read. Despite a hectic lifestyle, I still find time to read. I read the newspapers every day. I particularly enjoy reading novel and pick-me-up books.

I was feeling a bit down today. I shall not talk about what happened here. I went to my bookcase which contains many books, many of which I have not read. I picked up the book, 'A long soak'. It was a collection of short, inspirational stories. I read a few at a go and felt better. My spirits were uplifted. I was glad I read. I am going to share some of the stories with my classes. Speaking of my classes, time really flies. I still remember vividly the first time I stepped into 41. I steeled myself for a class of rambunctious, rowdy and playful kids but to my pleasant surprise, the kids look relatively well-behaved. There were no 'naughty' kids to pay special attention to... I am indeed blessed to be the form teacher of 41. They are really a bunch of sensible and well-behaved lot. Although they may be playful at times, they are really quite diligent and conscientious. They know that it's important to do well academically. When I look back at how they have improved, my heart swells with pride. Many of them didn't seem to do well in the lower sec, but I am proud to say that many of them have really improved. People like Faiz, Beng Chin, Iggy, Gavin, Benjamin.. They seemed to have really made vast improvements.. I am so proud of them. Of course, I know the rest are also working hard.. I know I can always count on people like Heng Ling, Qi Huan, Lu Yao, Marcus, Sheng Xiong, Jun Jie, Trevis , Jenson, Cheryl, Jia Hui, Saodah, Boon Liang and Khwanfa to be responsible and contribute positively to the class. They are so many others who have really made my day.

Recently I returned the comprehension scripts to my 41 pupils. Instead of arguing and trying to fight for marks, they listened attentively to my explanations and asked sensible questions. I guess I am really fortunate. Some of colleagues often complain about how their pupils are unreasonable and kept pestering them to add marks. I am glad that 41 is more keen to know how they can improve, rather them argue with the marker and putting the blame on the latter.

It can infuriating when you work so hard for a class but all they want to do is sleep, talk to their buddies or ignore you. When you return the scripts to them, they never bother to examine themselves and their attitude. All the know is to complain and gripe about their abysmal marks . Whose fault is it? Did you do your work? Who are you to blame for your poor marks! I am really angry and frustrated. They might be angry but who is more worried... sigh....

I am glad today is over. I had to complete two important tasks and now they are over, I can heave a sigh of relief. Still, I have one stack of test papers to mark, tons of compositions. But I will not fret! I will tackle them one at a time.

Still, there is one more thing that troubles me immensely.. and it is you.. yes you.. You who will never bother to read my blog... Your temper... Why can't you control it. Why must you erupt like a volcano! I hate it when you do it. I feel like ramming my car into yours, crushing it totally! Yes you... reflect and grow up! Stop throwing tantrums.. I can't be the only adult in our relationship!

{ 9:46 PM }

Sunday, April 4, 2010.
I haven't blogged much these days.. I lost my inspiration to blog. In the past, I used to blog a lot as I knew it was a way to stay in touch and connect with my pupils in 5B... But now that they are gone, I lost my inspiration to blog..

Anyway, recently I watched 'How to train a dragon' I really enjoyed the movie a lot. The story is really simple yet sweet. I guess I see my doggies in 'fury' (one of the dragons that the main character befriends) sometimes.. Go watch it.. It's a pity I didn't catch it in 3D...

I am looking forward to my hubby's return from Netherlands. I can't wait. I really miss him.. I try to get by everyday but it can be really lonesome at times. In the past, I always look forward to weekends, but when he is not around, I feel there's nothing much to look forward to... I just feel even lonelier.... My Saturdays are so boring without him... I spend most of my weekends alone (at the gym or shopping) except for sunny afternoons when I get to bring my doggies out and catch up with their mummies and daddies...

I am terribly busy with schoool work.. It gets so tiring at times.. Work never ceases..the stress... the pressure.. the deadlines.. the expectations... the errant pupils.. the marking...the presentations... oral exams... lesson observation... file checks... CCA,...committe work... mentoring.... There's no full stop in teaching.. I am growing weary... really weary...

I guess it's time for me to really consider my options.. Do I really want to continue living like this?

{ 12:54 AM }

Friday, January 29, 2010.

{ 11:09 PM }

{ 11:00 PM }

I feel so tired. There are just so many things to do and I will not be around to see them to fruition. I am going on a course on 8/2 to 26/2. I am worried for all my EL classes but I know that they would be in good hands. One of my good friends, Eekoon will be taking over. She is experienced, nice and kind and I am sure my kids will love her. I am most worried for my form class. They can be quite naughty and playful at times and they have two big rocks to clear: Class play and Fund fiesta stalls. I will not be around to guide them. They will have to depend on themselves. Luckily I have some responsible pupils in my class. I hope the rest will lend them their full support. Also, they seem to be getting restless. I have been getting complaints from the other subject teachers. I don't understand why they must talk when the teacher is teaching. That is so disrespectful and they will not be able to understand what the teacher is teaching. That is my number one pet peeve. I hate it when my pupils talk when I am teaching!

Also, my Kaylan, is getting so bratty. She is driving everybody up the wall especially when she is at my mum's place. She attacks, steals and bites everything. I can't even have a massage in peace. Whenever I am enjoying a massage on my dad's massage chair, she will turn exceptionally bratty. To make matters worse, Russell, my oldest dog will not stop disciplining her. He will bark non-stop and snarl at Kaylan and then they would fight. I would have to stop the fight. Russell is so old and I am worried for him

I am also missing Cal. I am really frustrated that sometimes we don't get to talk. I can't stay up to talk to him because I feel so tired nowadays. By 11pm, I will be fast asleep. I don't get a good night sleep because K will need to visit the toilet at 5 am every morning. She would wake me up jumping on me and licking my face. Also, I feel that it pointless ta lking to Cal because I can't hear him properly and it's so frustrating that I have to yell 'are you listening to me' because he doesn't seem to. Although I miss him, I don't look forward to talking to him because I know I would feel even more irritated. Maybe I am having bad PMS which I usually do and I just need to vent my frustrations somewhere, somehow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{ 9:58 PM }

Tuesday, December 1, 2009.
What have I been up to?

I have been busy RELAXING and enjoying myself! Recently I went to Sentosa with my dogs, hubby and dog friends. It was a first for Kaylan but sad to say she didn't really enjoy swimming. Bubbles is also scared of jumping into the water. She literally screamed when we tried to carry her in so we did not force her. But I guess they still had loads of fun since they were allowed to run freely and happily. Bubbles did her favourite activity: Digging a trench! hahah. Rus.sell just sat and pose happily.

I must treasure my time with Calvin now because he's leaving for Holland to do his masters. He is actually doing it in Singapore but he must do some modules in Hollad.. Boo hooo.... I will be CaLless for 4 long months...

{ 3:15 PM }

Monday, October 26, 2009.
Today the GCE 'O' level exams starts. I am so excited. I finally marked my last set of compositions. But to my dismay, many of the pupils did not collect their work and there I was rushing to finish it. Anyway, I hope they will do exceedingly well. :)

I am so happy. Now my work is almost over. happy sigh.. Hehe I just have one more report to write, CCA matters and Conquer 'O' programme and NO MORE marking. I am so delighted and now that I have finally gotten my Senior Teacher post, I am all set. All the slogging and backache seemed to be rather worth it.. hip hip hoooray..

Today I had fun too. I went bowling with my class. I bowled a little but I am really lousy at it, unlike the pupils in my class. They were excellent!!! The first positions for the gals and guys came from my class..What a class of winners!!! I am also happy for their results. Most of them did really well and some even surpassed my expectations. Take for example - Dennis. Wow wee.. He is like a phoenix rising from the ashes.. At first he started out like a tortoise but boy has he caught up with the rest. Can you imagine? He is now 3rd in class. I am super proud of him. If he were my son, I would hug and kiss him and pamper him for a day. hahah
Also, there are many others who really emerged tops. Wing Yu also really pulled up her socks and showed tremendous improvement. Impish Faiz also suprised me with good results. He is a bright kid.. sometimes cheeky but so adorable. His cheeks are so pinchable. hahah.

Lately, I have taken up a new hobby. I always like to try new things because I get bored very easily. I have started to enjoy cooking and I starting to get all obsessed with it. I bought 2 more cookbooks and downloaded several recipes online. I have tried making meatball spaghetti and my family loved it. I also tried baking fritta spaghetti.. I combine spaghetti, peas, ham, cheese and baked it. It tasted quite nice though I found it too creamy but guess what my hubby and dogs love it. I also found the perfect Caesar salad recipe which is so easy to make plus low fat and ultra yummy. My hubby and I love Caesar salads and would often order it when we dine at restaurants. Now I can prepare it anytime I like provided I am able to find canned anchovies.

Tonight I am cooking spaghetti carbonara and caesar salad. I am also baking some minced chicken cookies for my doggies. My interest in cooking started when my hubby bought me an oven which was bought initially for the sole purpose of baking treats for my dogs which I did. I made them several batches of cheese and liver cookies. Then I went on to baked fish with all kinds of herbs and parmesan cheese.. very yummy and cheesy which I love. I have also visited several supermarkets to look for all the ingredients found in recipe books like herbs and I just realised that the Cold Storage near my house sells fresh herbs.. I was so happy...

Well gotta go and start cooking .. :)

{ 8:08 PM }

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